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Welcome to Reconnect and Release

Not very long ago, I went through what is called a dark night of the soul. It lasted around two years, and it was just that, a very dark place. I questioned everything about myself up until that moment. Who was I? I came out of it knowing that I was a completely different person than the role I had been playing up until then.

I have a gift that allows people to easily open up to me and feel safe because of the healing energy that I naturally exude. This comes from being very non-judgmental, which makes people feel safer to share more vulnerably. My aim is always to leave you happier than you were before we met.

I’ve always been fascinated by the intricacies of human behavior, the motives behind our actions, and the importance of relationships and love in our lives—areas where many of us weren’t provided with a sufficient guidebook during our upbringing.

My journey of self-exploration and growth has been continuous. It reached a point where it became increasingly unbearable in my corporate job, prompting me to seek out a more meaningful and purposeful path. This led me to enroll in the Somatica® Institute with little to no prior knowledge about what I was embarking on. I just knew it was where I needed to be. The insights I’ve gained on how to effectively communicate my needs, along with the realization that we are all unique with our own individual needs—yet many of us are clueless about how to express them properly—have been both enlightening and life changing.

Having gone through those low spots and acknowledging aha moments in my own relationship to myself and with others, my passion was unlocked. I can fully support people who want to take charge of their own lives and drop the stagnant beliefs that are blocking them from living better lives.

Both Reiki and Intimacy Coaching can seem daunting to some. I acknowledge that I am “different,” and that’s precisely why I am needed. If you feel the call to heal yourself or your relationships, I might be the one you need.

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and have the ability to confer the Munay-ki Shaman Rites. Currently, I am undergoing advanced training at the Somatica® Institute to master the Somatica® Method.

A Holistic Approach to Your Well-being

Blending Modern Techniques with Timeless Wisdom

  • Navigating Life's Challenges

    With personalized guidance, tackle life's complexities. From relationship hurdles to personal crossroads, find your direction towards fulfillment.

  • Growth and Connection

    Foster growth in your personal and shared journeys. Cultivate deeper connections with yourself and your loved ones through dedicated coaching and healing practices.

Reach Your Intimacy and Relationship Goals

Deepen Emotional Bonds

Strengthen the emotional core of your relationships. Explore the depths of your feelings and learn to foster a deeper, more resonant connection with your partner.

Rediscover Pleasure and Desire

Reignite the spark of desire and pleasure in your life. Uncover new pathways to joy and satisfaction in your intimate connections.

Enhance Communication Skills

Master the art of communication to express your needs and understand your partner's desires. Clear conversation is the key to a fulfilling relationship.

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