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Whether you’re good at meditation or just curious, you’re invited to this group. This is an all-are-welcome, judgement-free safe space filled with positive energy where you have permission to do absolutely nothing if that’s what your body needs. Class begins with a check-in on how you are feeling, followed by settling in for some guided and unguided quiet time. Tuning in to your body is something most of us are missing in our daily lives. Once settled, Dena will go around the room and perform Reiki healing on those who would like to participate. Class will conclude with a final check-in to see if anything has changed with how you’re feeling.

**Special Class on August 26th: Ancestral Wisdom and Healing**

Join us for a unique and profound experience on August 26th. This special class offers a transformative journey where we will connect with the wisdom of our ancestors. Building on the incredible feedback from our previous session, we will create a mental space for reflection, healing, and guidance.

During this session, Dena will facilitate a sacred space where we invite our ancestors to join us, bringing their knowledge, wisdom, and guidance.

Come with an open heart and mind, and leave with a deeper connection to yourself and the wisdom of those who came before us.


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